Teaching (Graduate Program):

Materials Science and Engineering Program

  • SCID 602: Nanomedicine and Nanobioengineering (Semester 1)
  • In this subject, students will learn an overview of nanomedicine and nanobioengineering, cellular structure and systems in the body, nanocarriers, nanoparticles for multifunctionalities for diagnostics and therapy, biotargeting and biological barriers, multimodal biomedical imaging, biosensing, multiplexed diagnostic, nanopharmacotherapy, nanotechnology for cancer and inferctious diseases, stem cells in biotechnology, nanocosmetics


    Week 1: Introduction to nanomedicine and nanobioengineering

    Good article to read >> What is nanomedicine ?

    Week 2: Cellular structure and system in the body

    Good article to read >> Cell basics

    Week 3-4: Nanocarriers/Biological barrier

    Good article to read >> Designing models of BBB

    Week 5: Nanochemistry of nanocarriers

    Good article to read >> Designing drug delivery nanocarriers

    Week 6: Multifunctionalities for diagnostic and therapy

    Week 7: Biotargeting

    Week 8: Multimodal biochemical imaging

    Week 9-10: Biosensing/Multiplex diagnostic

    Week 11: Nanopharmacotherapy

    Good article to read >> Pharmacokinetics of nanomaterials


  • SCID 552: Materials Science and Engineering (Semester 1)
  • Week 1: Overview of biomaterials

    Good article to read >> Biomaterial for printing bone implants

    Week 2: Structure-property relationships of biomaterials and cells

    Good article to read >> Biomaterial and protein adsorption


  • SCID 551: Materials Characterization (Semester 1)
  • Week 1: Testing biocompatability of nanomaterials

    Good article to read >> In vitro assessments of nanomaterial toxicity

    Week 2: Cell attachment induction

    Good article to read >> Attachment and matrix factors

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